5 Crazy Items Made From Gold

Here is our list of 5 crazy items made from gold

5. Gold Pills ($450!)

Taking a gold pill everyday could be your medicine for a more financially fruitful future.

Number 5 on our list of crazy items you wouldn’t believe were made from gold  is capsules containing gold leaf!

These extraordinary pills are available to buy for $450 for 3. However you may have a hard time finding these gold pills as they are only available through high roller concierge services, at the moment.

They contain 24k gold leaf and will make you all full of glittery gold. Scroll next for our outstanding number 4…

4. 14k Gold Slinky ($110 Walmart)

The ultimate luxury kid play toy, made from solid gold. 

gold slinky

Number 4 on our list is an impressive kids birthday or Christmas present!

You can purchase this stunning 14k gold plated slinky from Walmart for only $110. We reckon an outstanding gift idea! Scroll next for number 3..

3. 14k Solid Gold Staples

The ultimate gold stationary item to add to your home office.


Number 3 of the extravagant gold list is staples.

Yes, I said staples! What does the person will everything need, well gold staples? There documents are fitted with gold staples!

Want to glamour your stationary set, well you can purchase 14k solid gold staples online. Ridiculous!

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