How To Get A Gold MasterCard. Spend Using Your Gold Credit Card

If you have ever wanted a gold MasterCard, you may be in look. Gold Money is offering its users the ability to spend their gold using a pre-paid gold MasterCard.

1. What Is Gold Money

gold mastercard

The idea of buying gold has always been something I had thought of the rich would only do. However maybe that is a concept of the past.

Well Gold Money certainly want it to be that way! During the beginning of 2015 a new company came on the scene with a new vision of how gold should be bought, spent and saved. This company was called Gold Money.

Gold Money was a start-up I personally came across when reading the start-up news on Tech Crunch. Its radical new approach to gold definitely drew me in, I had to have a look.

This review will outline Gold Money my experience with it; buying and saving gold and the usefulness this company can have for the world moving forward.

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